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Digital Workplace

To successfully implement digital transformation, we offer you a customized solution for your specific business needs.

We support you to further develop your digital environment with focus on:
  • Make the most of Microsoft Cloud services, including Azure, Office 365 Apps, Teams and Sharepoint
  • Hardware solution for effective collaboration and communication with customers and colleagues
Updated on: 2022-11-21

What is a digital workplace?

The digital workplace enables new, more effective ways of working, increases employee engagement and flexibility, and implements more user-friendly methods and technologies.

By establishing digital workplaces, several business goals are achieved:
  • The management wants an increase in productivity, reducing costs, investment security and competition improvement
  • The IT department strives for a stable, secure and maintainable IT infrastructure
  • Employees want modern and flexible working environment in terms of working hours and location

Workplace Flexibility and Advantages

The increasing trend toward remote working means that significantly fewer workstations are needed in a company's office space.
This makes it possible to share the workplace or desk-sharing. Employees in the desk-sharing model no longer have fixed workplaces, instead they can choose a free place each time they come to the office.

With this working style, it is recommended that employees pre-book a workplace in advance. In case there are more employees in the company than there are seats, conference rooms are also used for team collaboration.

This will result both in cost savings for the company and advantages in space design for employees, so the office space can be divided into different areas:
  • Team spaces for agile and cooperative work
  • Quiet zones for concentrated work
  • Areas for meetings, phone calls and video conferences
  • Lounge areas for creativity, casual brainstorming

Digital work support

Thinking and working digitally

If you want to compete on the market in the long term, your company must meet changing requirements of digitalization of work processes.

The goal is:
  • Internal department processes should be automated by software, for example via a ticket system
  • The internal communication, messages and data are to be grouped and exchanged according to topics and teams
  • Focus on effective and digital communication between employees and customers
  • Classify data to make available to employees and customers via cloud storage
  • Transform paper forms into digital formats, while updating and simplifying

We see our role to support you in this transformation with the secure use of cloud computing technology.

Hardware for digital work

When it comes to an ergonomic work environment, where a digital and tidy work space is essential, a mini PC is the better choice.
It is common to see that a laptop in a closed state is connected to 2 larger monitors via a docking station. However, there is hardly any free space on an actually large table because of the many cables and devices on it.

The measurements show that a mini PC with an external power supply consumes far less power than a notebook with the same performance. There are no power losses due to charging the battery.
In terms of carbon footprint, laptops consume around 45% more CO2 than mini PCs according to a German Federal Environment Agency.

The flexible bracket we offer allows easy mounting for 2 monitors 22" - 27" and 1x Mini PC. The existing base mount can stably hold 2 monitors 24" without screwing and also ensures cable holding above the table.

Mini-PC - other advantages

A Mini PC with dual monitors and matching mount that we offer looks tidy and has about the same cost as a 14"/15" laptop alone, with the same performance. There are other advantages in:
  • Cost, more digital workspace at about the same purchase cost
  • Durability, component design, easy upgrade, replace monitor, hard disks, motherboard, CPU, fan in case of defect
  • Space-saving, Mini PC (with dimensions 215x200x55 mm) does not take away its own work surface, optimal cleanliness / cable management with fastening above the table.
  • Comfort, highly customizable, in height, distance, tilt, MiniPC with optimal cooling, low noise, better integration with the keyboard

Digital work - hardware

Digital work - hardware

Windows 365 Hardware

Windows 365 Cloud PC is available since August 2021 as Virtual Desktop in Azure Cloud. Windows 10/11 including apps, data and settings is in the cloud and users can access it from any device with a browser.
Of course you can access to Windows 365 Cloud PC with Windows, MacOS, Linux and tablets. You can theoretically also use smartphones, as far as it makes sense due to the small screen.

In accordance with our strategy to offer customers only such solutions that allow reducing costs (administration effort, user support, initial costs) and at the same time increase security, we would like to recommend Windows 10 S or Google ChromeOS for this task.

Chromebooks have lower costs and slightly higher speed with the same hardware. Windows 10 S together with Office 365 apps looks more familiar (from a Windows perspective), even though Office 365 apps can be installed on ChromeOS as well.

Windows 365 | Acer Chromebook

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