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windows 10 11 avd multi session
Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) with Windows 10/11 Enterprise Multi-Session is a cost-effective cloud-based alternative to on-prem Remote Desktop Server (RDS).
Reading time ca. 4 minutes
microsoft azuread intune defender
Independence from the on-prem network by using Azure AD for user management, Intune for device management and Defender for device protection and app security.
Reading time ca. 5 minutes
microsoft teams sharepoint onedrive
Optimal collaboration in your company through Teams Chat and video telephony. Storage of corporate data on SharePoint and personal data on OneDrive.
Reading time ca. 4 minutes
microsoft 365 plans comparison
There is a logical explanation about the scope and functionality of Microsoft 365 plans. How Microsoft 365 plans differ from each other, see the drawings and explanations.
Reading time ca. 6 minutes
windows 365 vs avd
Windows 10/11 including programmes, data and settings are in the Azure cloud and users can access them from any device with a browser.
Reading time ca. 5 minutes
jira servicedesk confluence
Jira Service Management (former Service Desk) is a web-based help desk software that allows you to effectively manage your customer service requests.
Reading time ca. 3 minutes
azure filestorage account
Azure Storage is an alternative for SharePoint storage, which is firstly limited to 25 TB and also the storage extension is very expensive.
Reading time ca. 4 minutes
office365 vs workspace
Which cloud service is better for your company in terms of collaboration, functionality and pricing?
Reading time ca. 6 minutes
google workspace
Google Workspace offers innovative apps for everyday office work and communication. Access is simple via the browser.
Reading time ca. 3 minutes

Updated on: 2022-04-22

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